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Drain Cleaning - Drain Cleaning Questions
1.40 I need plumbing help. I recently rented a electric drain cleaning machine for the floor drain .?

Q. Everytime I drain the water from the bathtub upstairs the bathroom sink in the basement starts to badly overflow. But I could leave water running in basement sink and it drains O.K. I snaked out the main drain and it still backs up out the sink after taking Bath. It does not back up through main floor drain at all. Need help with this one.

A. Run the snake the opposite direction. You are now running to towards the street. Run it towards the pipe coming from the upstairs. When you opened the cleanout plug, was it full of water? If not, the blockage was from that point back and not from that point to the street. Most people assume it is from where ever they are to the street so they miss this type of problem. Alternatively, you could take off some pipes and go from there down. Perhaps from the bathtub trap down. Perhaps from the bathroom sink down.

1.20 Plumbing question. Think it has something to do with pressure.?

Q. We had house remodeled a few years back. And we've been having trouble with the bathroom drainage backing up. We think the contractor had a plumber that didnt know entirely what he was doing. There is a shower, bath, toilet, and faucet in this bathroom. And every so often they clog up. And everything is interconnected. When you try to plunge say the shower drain it effects the bathtub and toilet or vice versa. Same thing with the kitchen. We had it remodeled. For example, if I put a stopper in the left side of the sink and put a pot of water down the right side of the sink the stopper will pop up and the water will drain on that side. Something is wrong with the pressure or something. Any help appreciated. On a side note: I havent seen the faucet in the bathroom backup. It might not be connected with the rest of the system but I dont know. I should add that the drainage in the other shower works perfectly. And so does the toilet. Its only in the bathroom that was remodeled. I was only noting that the sink in the kitchen acts that way when water is put down the opposite side.

A. Dave, The plumber probably did a perfectly fine good job. The thing is this... If all or most of your floor level drains & toilet(s) are backing up & you're hearing gurgling noises in the various drains, that is evidence of your main sewer line (your Lateral line) that runs from your house, out to where it connects to the public main wheather that be into an easement or out into the street is blocked up and needs to be snaked. If you were to get a good, local, competent, & reputable sewer & drain cleaning service to come over & snake your lateral, I do believe your problems will be over. That's what I would do at this point. Good luck.

1.20 Need ideas to promote my drain cleaning service, for free?

Q. I started a drain cleaning business and need ideas to advertise free but effectively, got any ideas ? Thanx

A. What are the chances of people seeing your advertising when they have a clogged drain? What are the chances of them saving your advertising for when they do? It would have to be some MIGHTY convincing advertising indeed... "I just can't wait to get a clog and try that new drain cleaning service that looks so good"... LOL When someone's drain is clogged... They're not going to mess around... They're going to open up the Yellow Pages and pick an ad that promises the fastest service, lowest prices and looks reasonably professional. They'll often call a few services and pay whoever shows up first. If that's what you want to do... Invest in a decent sized Yellow Pages ad and do it. That's how you get jobs in that business. Otherwise... Your jobs will be so few and far between, they'll be more of an annoyance than a career. You've got to spend money to make money. Have a friend in the exterminating business... Never made any money until he dove in with the Yellow Pages ad and decided to do it for real. He's doing very well at it now.

1.20 Need Help!! How to market a New Drain Cleaning Business?

Q. We want to open a New drain Company found out the banker said Bad Idea!! Need to prove to the investors its a great idea!! Any Advise how to convince them?

A. Your banker would have valid reasons to consider your new business idea a bad one. You could talk to this banker and find out which aspects of the business idea would be too risky. If you've done enough research, and came up with a really good business plan, you should be on the right track. If your problem is marketing the business, you could do this several ways. You could go online and use social media sites like Twitter for example, to market your service to potential clients. Another option is come up with posters and fliers. Put the posters up and distribute the fliers in high traffic places like malls, parks, and the like. Hope this helps.

1.20 I have just bought a harben 4012 drain jetting machine, it has half inch bsp drain jetting hose as the main?

Q. Drain cleaning hose, but i have been advised to get a mini kit for stack pipes etc, has anyone got one of these machines? do you know what size to get as there are quite a few sizes, also does it attach to the main hose via a reducer or does it go on the side of the machine? your help is appreciated.

A. The reducer is your best bet for the connection. good luck!

1.20 How to get customers to call me , new biz ?

Q. I have started a drain cleaning business and i have spent like 3ooo$ on online directories like yellowpages etc. I clean peoples drain pipes in their home like a clogged sink line or a business with a clog like a restaurant. So I need some advice on how to market my service without spending more money. And please dont tell me to put up cards in grocery stores because i might get one call and that would just cover my gas drivin around. I need some real expertise here, some creativity on how to get one call every day atleast. Any ideas thanks

A. Have you tried stopping in and talking with restaurant and hotel managers through the area, leaving your card? How about stopping in and talking with the managers and staff of the local home supplies dealers like Home Depot and such, or realtors, giving them a bunch of cards to hand out to their new clients?

1.20 When my washing machine drains the water towards the end of the cycle backs up and comes out of the vent pipe.?

Q. This is the original washing machine. I also thought I might have a drain blockage and had a professional drain cleaning contractor come in and snake 70 feet all the way out to the street. He did not find anything substantial that would cause this. We also went to the roof and flushed the vent down also there did not seem to be an issue. Please help I'm at a loss. This is the vent next to the washing machine not the roof vent.

A. The outlet pipe from the washer to the main has possibly got a blockage, though the professional has seen that the main is clear you have not mentioned that the pipe from the washer to the main has been checked. Some times (normally) there is a U bend in the pipe from washers to the main, find this then remove the trap and see what is in there (be ready to find a lot of slim and gunge) clear this out and then pour boiling water down the vent for the washer once you have replaced the trap on the U bend, this will help flush the rest of the stuff through the pipe works

1.20 Any ideas how i can promote my new business for free,?

Q. Just started a drain cleaning business and looking for work, any ideas how i can promote it, for free. Already in the phone book

A. Flyers are very cheap to copy at Office Depot et al. Identify what kind of business people would have customers for you. Plumbing for instance. Network with others in the service area. Target your market and let them get to know you, it takes a long time to get it going. Let your competition know that you are available for overflow.

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